Good Morning Sunshine!

I often have a 40 minute commute to work.   This is not unusual for many, and its not a big deal.  In fact, I really enjoy my morning drive.   The drive tends to be different based on the season we are in.   Thankfully, I see the beauty at each stage.

In the winter months, I leave the house and it is dark.  The kind of dark, where it feels like I should still be sleeping.   But as the miles pass, the sleepy sun makes its way and begins to brighten the road ahead of me.

In the summer months, the sun is already up.  I love watching the farm fields grow throughout the season.  There is something relaxing about watching the evidence of time as I witness this growth.     I always look for the ducks, cows, horses and alpacas that I pass regularly along the way.    

Now, we are closing out Summer and headed towards Fall.   Each morning this week, I have been struck by the beauty of the day as it greets me.  The dew on the grass, the animals doing their "animal things", the coolness in the air.   And my favorite, watching the sun come up.   Depending on where I am on my drive, I spot the sun peeking through the trees or rising above the mountains.   The colors are different every morning and change all through my drive.   It is entertaining but its also so peaceful.   

I love this time of day.   I find joy in the quiet beauty and the constant change, even though I drive the same roads each time.    I feel like each day has so much possibility.   Its like the proverbial "fresh canvas".   I feel like I am ready to face my day with a renewed energy and positive focus.    

I'm thankful for this drive each day.   I'm  thankful that it helps me start my day in a happy way.   When was the last time you noticed the sun rise?    Is there a time of day that speaks to you?   

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