It STILL Takes A Village

Some of my long time readers will remember that when I started Java Talk, I was a much smaller person.   Over the last few years, I've gained over 70 lbs.  There were many contributing factors, most of which are no mystery.   Despite the constant weight gain, I have found myself unable to make a move to do anything about it. 

Mostly I've been so afraid to go back to the mental/emotional prison I was in when I was "skinny".   The fear of living like that and reverting to being a binge eater has stopped me from doing anything that requires counting calories or points or cutting carbs or anything else.  

Another obstacle, if you will, is that unlike in the past, today I like who I am.   Sure I need to lose weight, but I know I am a good mom, friend, worker, etc and I'm comfortable with who I am on the inside.   That's good, right?   Yes, it is.   The catch is, because I feel good on the inside, I am often surprised by what I see on the outside.   

But now I want more.   More for me.    More for my kiddos.    I want to teach them how to make healthy choices most of the time.   How to indulge sometimes.  And how to enjoy being active.  

Recently, I've made a true effort to do what I already know how to do.  And I'm thrilled to share I'm moving in the right direction.  But this is not something I can do on my own.  I have the support of many and I'm so thankful for all of it.  There are those who share recipes.   Those who literally walk beside me as I log each mile.  Those who listen and celebrate my scale AND non-scale victories.   The saying "it takes a Village" is usually in reference to raising children.  I feel I am living proof that in most things that matter, it takes a Village.   And I'm thankful for mine.

How does your Village support you?

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