It's T-Day

Not every one will get this. And for you, I'm happy. But for others, on a regular basis, we share our kids with their other parent. Each co-parent team has their own schedule. And sharing is hard.

For us, most of the time, we are week on, week off. The kids are champs. They go from one house to the other then back again. They never miss a beat. I'm really so proud of them for how they have handled this life change so smoothly. They didn't ask for this.

T- Day. For me (and many others too I would imagine), Transition Day (Get it? T-Day) is the hardest day. The day when they kids go back to their dad's house. To be honest, it actually starts the night before. As we start to wind down, I can't help but think about how tomorrow they will be gone. I feel a little more clingy. I give lots of hugs and tell them I love them over and over. Then, once they are back with their dad, I drive away and I want to reach out to them via text and tell them "I miss you already".

I know this is what I signed up for. It is the price of being divorced. And truthfully, it sucks. I love my kids with all I've got. I am so proud of who they are becoming. I'm so thankful for for my kiddos. I'm thankful for their laughter. Im thankful for their good health. I'm thankful for the chaos. I'm thankful for FaceTime which allows me talk to them each night before bed. And I'm thankful for phones so I can text them any time.

T-Day is hard. Tomorrow will be a little easier. My week will fly by and soon they will be back in my nest. I'm glad they have a Dad who wants to spend half their life with them. I know this is what's best for the kids in this situation. But it's never easy to let them go.

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