Random Act of Kindness

This weekend, my son had a sleepover to celebrate his upcoming 12th birthday party. The good news for mom is that parties for this age are so much easier than when they were little. This group of guys played football in the front yard for most of the time, both Friday night and again on Saturday morning. I fed them and provided adult supervision but these guys were happy to be big kids doing big kid things.

At one point, close to dinner time, there were 8 boys playing in the front yard. I decided it was time to order the party food. Lucky for me I live right across the street from a local pizza shop. So I ordered a few pizza's while the kids played on.

I got the pizza home but wasn't quite ready to feed the masses so I let them continue their game. A few minutes later, the kids came in and said the pizza shop owner came over and told them a woman just bought the kids playing football across the street a pizza! Sure enough, we got another pizza!

This was such a simple act of kindness. For a few hours, I struggled with not being able to thank anyone. I texted my neighbor to see if it was him. I asked "did you buy an extra pizza for the boys?" He responded, "no, should I?" Oops! Guess I should have explained why I was asking first, haha! I finally decided to let it be what it was meant to be. A gift. And I wanted to share about how this stranger did something that was a huge help to this Momma at a time that really mattered.

Have you ever done something like that? Or been on the receiving end of someone's random act of kindness? It feels a little weird at first, and then it feels really good.

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