The Trading Game

I kid you not, the conversation started like this.

Son: Mom, all summer (at day camp) there's been trading going on at the lunch table. But I've never done it. Today I gave it a try.

Mom: (remembering the days of youth, where I too traded lunch items) I responded...Really? How did that go?

(Remind me next time not to ask, haha)

Son: Great! I got a 6 inch sub!

Mom: What?!?!

Son: (still impressed with himself) Yeah, I traded an Oatmeal Creme pie and got a sub! That worked so well, I traded a pack of Smarties for a bag of chips!

Enter teachable moment....ok kiddo. It's fun to trade part of your lunch. I remember doing it. And I don't mind if you do. BUT, let's make a rule where you only trade side items, not the main meal.

I went on to say the other kiddo (who was 13 and should know better) didn't have a real lunch because he traded it away. Now my son began to feel bad and worry about the kid with no sandwich. While processing all this, he relays to me that he didn't trade for the sub from the kid who brought it. The sub had been traded once before he traded for it. Hmmm.....

He did make a point of saying if it was in a Baggie he would not have traded for it. But this sub was still wrapped in the paper and sealed with a sticker, so it looked safe. (Score one for mom teaching her kids to not take food that could be contaminated....I think?)

I'm not mad at my kiddo at all. It's kind of funny to me. I feel bad for the kid with no real lunch and the parents that paid for my sons extra meal. The Trading Food Do's and Don't's conversation hadn't happened yet but I'm happy to report, we survived it.

Kids are great. I love living through their experiences. At least the funny ones. Do your kids trade at lunch? Have you set ground rules?

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