The Power of Music

I love music. I think most people enjoy music. It has the power to bring back memories. It can be uplifting. When we are feeling down, sad music might be our choice. It can make the mood or feed the mood.

Make the mood? For me, I love a good "bouncy song". These are the songs that I turn up in the car and, you guessed it....bounce to as I sing along. Feed the mood? I think it's pretty normal to pull out a certain CD when we are having our low days. When I was in college, it was Sarah McLachlan. Everyone is different. Music move us in different ways. But I imagine it moves most of us.

You have the break-up songs. And the empowering songs. The current favorite of my girl is "Fight Song". When this song comes on, she sings louder and prouder. I hear it. I love it. I join in.

This weekend, my cousin and I went to the Mixtape Festival. Together we relived the soundtrack of our teenage years. It was great! We endured a downpour then sat through hours in the hot sun to make more memories enjoying the music we grew up listening to.

We had so much fun. A lot of laughing. And reminiscing. Music is powerful. Within a few beats, we were transported to many years back, giggling and sharing the "remember whens". I loved it.

Some people are drawn to the musical portion of a song. I'm definitely one who pays attention to lyrics. Music can be very emotional, good and bad. A song can take you back to a specific place or with a certain person.

Would you agree that music is powerful? Does music make your world better? What are your thoughts?

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