Sad Moment of Truth

I often hear how bad flip flops are for a person to wear...but, but, I love them. I mean, I'd rather be bare foot but if I have to wear shoes, flip flops are a go to.

I noticed last summer that I don't walk well in my much loved flip flops. I had bought a new pair and within two weeks I saw I had worn away the spot where the ball of my foot goes...ALREADY! Oh well. So that part of my shoe is thinner than the rest. Doesn't really matter. Flip. Flop. Flip. Flop.

This year, summer has kicked off and my happy shoes are in their rightful place. On my feet. But it's different this time. I notice my feet and even my ankles feel weird when I wear them. So I did what any smart flip flop girl would do in my situation. I bought a new pair.

Guess what? It still doesn't feel great. It doesn't really hurt, it just doesn't feel right. I'm more mindful of stepping down on my whole foot rather than putting all my weight on certain parts of my foot. Despite my efforts of even stepping, it still doesn't feel right.

This can only mean one thing. I'm going to have to give up my favored flip flops for some other type of shoe. This realization makes this day a sad day indeed. I don't care if it's a "getting old" thing or its just a "sucks to be me" thing. Same result. I have come to the place in my life where I need a more stable/supportive shoe on my feet.

And that makes me sad. I know it's not a "big deal". And I will adjust. I ask you to allow me this moment to mourn the loss of my beloved flip flops.

Have you had a similar experience? Flip flops or something else? Just cruising through life with your happy feet and then it's time to say goodbye? Any suggestions of what I can wear that will be close to a flip flop but offer good support for my "old" feet/ankles? If you have a shoe to suggest, leave it below. Looks like I'm in the market for a new shoe.

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  1. I suffer from plantar fasciitis, and my Dr says flip flops are a no-no. I never liked how flip flops felt on me...with the straps going between my toes. But I have found that Teva sandals have been my savior. Certain ones have more arch support than others, and I really like my Teva slides...they are not restrictive and you can slide them in/off just as quick as flip flops. You should give them a try...and the slides even make the flip flop sound!


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