My 2 Greatest Pet Peeves

We all have things that drive us crazy. These are the things that happen (or don't happen) that annoy you. Usually, it's not worth doing anything about. It drives you crazy for a minute, you may huff in frustration but then you walk away and you go on with your day. The "fun" part about this is that each of us can be annoyed by totally different things. The good news is that we aren't all biting our tongue over the same issue. The bad news is that because we are not annoyed by the same things, the things that bother me will continue to bother me, because they might not bother you. Does that make sense?

What are my top pet peeves?

1. Not replacing the toilet paper roll. I feel this is one of the laziest things a person can "not" do. I just don't understand this. It is common courtesy. It is a simple thing that shows you care about your home, or someone else's home for that matter. I cannot count the number of homes I've been to, as a guest and when I have gone to use the bathroom, the toilet paper roll is sitting there empty. Most often, with a new roll sitting somewhere close by, visible for anyone to see.

2. This may sound silly but it drives me crazy. When you throw food trash away; paper plates, wrappers, etc, it makes sense to turn it upside down. When this trash is not turned upside down, it gets the food "yuck" all over the inside of the lid of the trash can. It's super simple. With just the flip of the wrist...sticky, stinky mess avoided.

I realize neither of these things really affects the world we live in. For that we can be grateful. But these are my two biggest pet peeves. I don't make a big deal about it. Usually, I just change the toilet paper roll or flip the paper plate over in the trash and then wipe down the mess. Simple. Done. Move on. I know these things don't bother other people and it's not my job to tell other people how to live (even if it makes complete sense, haha).

We all have pet peeves. What is the top thing that drive you nuts? Do you say anything or bite your tongue and move on? This should be fun, share below that thing that makes you crazy. I won't judge you if you don't judge me.

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