Kids have bigger hearts

The sweet logic of my ten year old daughter. She has had this theory and every time she uses this logic it makes my mommy heart smile. It makes no real sense, but I love when she starts supporting her side.

What is the argument, you ask? It's so simple, really. It's the one where one person says "I love you" and the other person responds, "I love you more". One day, my girl Mini went a step further and explained, that "kids have smaller bodies which means they have bigger hearts. So it's not possible for you (remember she was talking to me) to love me more than I love you".

Hmmm...not really following that logic kiddo. But she stands firm in this matter. In fact, for the past few years this has been her argument for how she knows she loves me more. And I love it. I love it every time she sends me a text to say good night, and she tells me she loves me. I respond, "I love you more". And she quickly sends back, "not possible".

Some nights, that is enough. It's our special thing. It makes me smile and miss her. I love this little game we play. Some nights, I'm missing her a little more and I am quick to ask, "what do you mean?" Which is when I get the full, play by play of how she loves me more. On those nights, it's exactly what I need.

I love the simple words my Girlie uses to express how much she loves me. It make my mommy heart smile and I feel so blessed. Have you had a special phrase or game you played with your kiddos that you'd like to share?

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