Happy Moments

Life can be tough. Real tough at times. Thankfully there are happy moments too. As I try to find the joy in my journey, I find myself being intentional about thinking about happy moments.

One of my favorites is the moment that Mike asked me to marry him. I love to close my eyes and think about it. I can't really recall another moment in my life that I can remember so clearly. I believe this moment has such a strong pull, not only because the man I want to grow old with asked me to marry him. But also because I had my eyes closed when this moment happened. My eyes were closed so my other senses were engaged.

It was my birthday. And I was surrounded by the people I love most. When the gifts were opened, Mike stands up saying he didn't wrap my gift so I had to close my eyes. In that moment, I remember smiling big and thinking to myself "I love this man so much. He knows me so well. Knows I hate wrapping gifts so he didn't wrap my gift, knowing I would be completely ok with an unwrapped gift." Literally, that is what was going through my mind.

I was not expecting, that while my eyes were closed and my smile was big, he was getting on his knees in front of me and all my loved ones surrounding me. The next thing I heard was this man who has brought so much joy into my life, asking me to marry him. My eyes flew open and I said yes. This was probably the most perfect moment of my life so far.

Memories are strong. That can be a gift. It's been months since that day but occasionally I find myself thinking about that exact moment. As I close my eyes again and recall this very special memory, I remember having such a fantastic day surrounded by the most important people in my life. There had been a lot of laughter, good food and fun. And finally there was a great future to celebrate.

I was 39 before I experienced a moment in my life that I can recall with such an emotional response. That's ok. This memory is pretty perfect in my mind and will be pretty tough to beat. Have you been lucky enough to have a memory you can close your eyes and it feels like you are back in that special moment?

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