The Power Of A smile

June 15th (today) is National Smile Power Day! That is awesome. I know there is a day to celebrate pretty much anything you can think of. And often I think, "Really? We need a day to celebrate....". But I think it's great we have a day to celebrate the power of a smile.

Smiles are contagious. If you smile at a person it is pretty normal to get a smile in return. And sometimes, you get a deep, genuine smile. These are the contagious ones. Not only to get a return smile. That is polite and being polite is always a good thing. But with a genuine smile you can see a deeper response from the return smiler. You see a bigger smile. One that meets the eyes.

When we take a moment to smile at someone, we make eye contact. When we make eye contact with someone, it helps us feel connected. It doesn't matter if you've known them for years or if you are complete strangers. If you take a the time in your busy day, to make eye contact and smile, it can really change the way a person feels about the day.

I don't know about you but when I can see that my smile made someone feel good, I feel better too! It's powerful. And it's free! We spend so much time behind computers and phones, driving and doing that a when we take a moment to pause and connect with another person, it can be a game changer for the day. For me and for them.

On any given day, we pass countless people. Most of them, we have no idea what thoughts are running through their minds. And that's ok. Navigating our own thoughts can be challenging enough. We don't have to fix everyone else. But how simple to it would be to smile? We've all had days where it feels like it's all too much. We worry how are we going to fix the problems on our minds? Life is tough and it can make a person feel so overwhelmed and isolated.

The good news is we are not alone. I challenge you to be mindful of smiling today. Make eye contact. Smile. Maybe even show some teeth. Not only will you potentially help someone else feel better but I believe you will feel better yourself. It's a win-win! Thanks for reading Java Talk.

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