Surviving Life In The Home of A Sports Fan

When I met Mike, almost three years ago, he told me he loves sports. This is not shocking or unusual for people all over the world. In fact, I am probably the "unusual one" because I really don't care about sports. Never really have.

As a kid, I enjoyed going to Phillies games. I liked being with family. I have always been a people watcher and a stadium is filled with people to watch. And of course, I was obsessed with looking for the Philly Phanatic to see what shenanigans he was up to.

Over the years, I've been to high school games, college games as well as professional games. It's fun for the night but I'm really there for the social aspect, the fun food (I'll take an order of nachos please) and memories. I'm not there because I really care about the game.

The exception is watching my kiddos play their sports. I have had to learn a lot about several sports. But I truly love to watch them play.

I love spending time with Mike. It doesn't matter what we are doing. I'm just happy to be together. If you are not an avid sports fan, you may be interested in this list of 5 ideas to help pass the time during "the game". While those sports casters are droning on. And all the painted bellies are dancing on the TV.

1. Read a book
2. Play solitaire or Candy Crush - this totally depends on my mood. Either is a good choice.
3. Blog 😉
4. Pinterest - Pin, Pin, Pin away! Find those craft ideas and recipes, hairstyles and cleaning tips. It is amazing how much time can be lost while on Pinterest.
5. Ask lots of questions (about the game). I have found myself asking question after question about the current game. Which has led to more understanding which has led to more interest.

Between my kiddos and Mike, I have learned a lot about a lot of sports. To be more specific, I've learned a lot about hockey, basketball, volleyball, football and even NASCAR. I wouldn't say I'm a huge sports fan but I do enjoy tuning into the game when I take breaks from Pinterest, Java Talk or the book of the week. Even more surprising to me is noticing a trend of me watching more and more of the game. I'll probably never be a super fan but I am starting to tap into the fun of watching sports.

What would you add to this list of how to survive the big game?

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