Summer Camp Is Here

This is the first summer my kiddos are attending a summer day camp program. I'm very nervous about this. Not because I worry about their safety. I worry they won't be happy. I realize no matter what the plans for summer, I will hear "I'm bored" and "there's nothing to do". But the mom guilt of dropping them off somewhere they totally don't want to be makes me nervous. No matter how they feel about it, this is my plan for childcare this summer.

When I graduated from college, I spent my first few summers as a supervisor at a day camp, similar to the one my kids will be attending. It was tough to keep up to 40 kids ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade happy at all times. And the complaining....

One thing that makes me smile is that the camp my kids will attend, requires they bring a book to read. I think this is great for so many reasons. My favorite reason though, is because when I was in charge of my day camp, I required my campers to bring a book. Every day. For 20 mins, everyone took a down time break. We all spread out and read.

I thought then and still believe now, this break is necessary. The kids need a break from each other. The leaders need a break from the kids. Everyone just needs a few minutes to be by themselves and chill. I stood by it then and I'll gladly stand by it now.

This week is the first week of camp for my darlings. Keeping my fingers crossed they make friends quickly and find there is a lot of fun ahead. If they choose to not like camp, this is going to be a long summer.

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