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Depression sucks. Big time. For the person suffering. And I can only imagine it also sucks immensely for the people who love the sufferer. And it seems, the more I talk about my experience with depression, the more stories I hear about other people who are fighting a battle with depression. Sometimes from the person who is depressed. But many times, I find myself talking to people who are watching their loved ones suffer.

One thing that comes to mind to share with everyone, is how important patience is in the process of healing. Patience all around. Every one needs to be patient. Sounds silly. Sounds like a pat answer of some sort. But it is real and very true.

Doctors are great. Medicine is great. Therapy is great. Support is great. But without patience, there will be an unending source of frustration. Depression is not rational and often many layers deep.

I absolutely believe that medicine can be very beneficial. There are lots of pills out there, but there is no magic pill. You have to try one...and wait. Wait for the medicine to start to work. You need to see if the dosage is right. You need to decide if it is absolutely not helping and then try a different pill. This takes time. Sometimes a long time. As in years.

Therapy takes time. It takes time, even if you click with the first therapist you sit with. I did not. Over a few decades I tried therapy several times. I never felt it was worth my time because I never felt like I connected with the person in the other seat. Over and over I would think to myself, "Why bother? It doesn't help anyway." And then one day I found myself sitting across from a woman who I felt really understood me. Even though I did not understand myself. Finding the right therapist is really hard and it takes time, but it is so worth the effort.

Supportive friends and family are an important part of healing. But they need to be patient. Again, depression is not rational. It doesn't make sense. You cannot be talked out of it. It will take time to recognize and unravel the many layers of depression. Even with great doctors, medicine, therapists and support.

Finally, anyone who is fighting through the heavy burdens of depression, you need to be patient too. Patient with yourself. You did not ask for this to happen. You need to take care of yourself. You need to know you are worthy of being happy. You need to know there are many resources available to help you. And it will all take time. But it will be worth it.

Since it seems so many people in our world are touched by depression, remember the importance of patience. Depression is very complex and although there are many similarities in symptoms, I believe each person's experience is different. In my mind, patience is necessary for all.

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