I Am Enough (You Are Too)

For too many years I really wrestled with this awful recording that would tell me, "I am not enough". I'm not sure when I started believing this lie but I truly did. Any time I didn't do something perfect, I would berate myself with the mantra that I was not enough.

If I made a perfect meal, I would be enough. But then a picky eater would turn their nose up at what I prepared....I was not enough (a bad cook). If I lost my temper....I was not enough (a bad mom). If the laundry wasn't put away...I was not enough (a bad wife). The list was suffocating and it was a terrible burden to carry.

Over the last few years, I've learned so much about myself. One big lesson I've learned is that I AM ENOUGH! I make mistakes. But that means I'm trying, right? I lose my temper from time to time. That means I work hard all day and have moments where I'm tired and irritable. I apologize and move on. I don't have to carry this guilt with me through the rest of the day. I've gained weight over the past few years. But I've also gained overall peace and happiness in my life. That means I'm content and I have learned to love myself as I am...even with the extra padding I've accumulated.

I am enough. I'm enough for me. I'm enough for my kiddos. I'm enough for my fiancé (just the way I am!). I'm enough for my employer. I am enough. Learning that little nugget has helped enabled me to stop that awful recording that was causing me to doubt my ability to do most things. I have gained confidence and joy and love and...freedom. Freedom from the fear and anxiety and self doubt and negative self talk. It was all so exhausting anyway.

I would encourage you to write down a list of examples of why you are enough. We all have bad days and tough moments. We need to be able to draw on what we believe about ourselves to get through these moments. And we need what we believe about ourselves to be true. What are you examples of how you are enough?

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