Coming Home

Last week I was out of town for work. I don't do this is often. Most of the time I work at my desk in the office. But every few months I go on site for a week. I like the change of scenery and I also enjoy feeling like I'm a part of something bigger than me.

The hard part of being away....is being away from my people. It's hard working extra long hours and going back to an empty hotel room, no matter how fancy they are. It makes me miss my family so much more.

When I was able to leave for home, I could not wait to see my people. My kiddos both had plans at their dad's house so I knew I wouldn't being seeing them until Saturday. That was tough but I knew they were looking forward to their plans, so I could wait an extra night.

There is something about coming home.
When I walked through the door and was met by George (the dog) with his nubby wagging faster than fast and Mike, with the warmest smile, it was a perfect moment. Not to sound cheesy, but I remember the title of a movie called, "Waiting to Exhale", it was in that moment, I felt like I understood that title. While I was away, life was good and all was well. But the moment I was home, it was like I let go of a breath I didn't even know I was holding on to. Once again, I realized how happy and blessed I am. To be alive and surrounded by so many so many special people.

It was a great experience being on site. And I'd be more than happy to do again. It is good for me professionally and keeps things very interesting. And while I will continue to look forward to these opportunities to go on site, I will always look forward to coming home and knowing that I am home with the people who matter to me most.

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