Who Can Explain This To Me?

I've been divorced for almost 3 years and one thing that drives me crazy is paperwork. Yes, I said paperwork. Not because it seems endless. Not because I never have a pen handy. The reason paperwork makes me crazy is because of a certain box. It's not even a free text field, it's a tiny box that is waiting for me to place a check mark or an X.

Which box you ask? The one where I have to indicate I am Divorced. With the exception of the first year of filing taxes, where there is a chance I was married during a portion of that year, why does anyone business or organization need to know if I am divorced? Single applies to me as well.

If someone knows the answer to this question, please let me know. For the most part, I am a rule follower so if Divorced is an option, I feel obligated to select it. But it makes me feel like I'm branded. Like I should walk around with a big "D" on my shoulder. Why is it necessary to know if I am divorced? I just do not understand.

I am serious about this question. What is the purpose? Do I have to select Divorced? With the paperwork police hunt me down if I don't? If you are divorced, what have you done? I really would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. I'm looking for an answer.

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