UGH...I Don't Want To

Don't laugh. It's true. I can do many things. But there is one little job that really annoys me. Which with the exception of once a year, it really is a little job. But I don't like doing it. I think it's a waste of time and money.

What could I possibly feel so strongly about, that I will whine almost every single time I have to do it. I know you are wondering. If you know me well, you may have a guess. The little task that pops up throughout each and every year that I would be happy to never, ever do again.....is wrapping presents. As I stare at my sister's unwrapped birthday gifts across the room (which I've had for over a month!), once again I realize how much I dislike wrapping gifts.

I love to buy gifts for people. The shopping. The process of finding something I really think the recipient will enjoy, I love that part. But wrapping presents? Ugh, please. I will put it off to the last possible moment and then I'll be mad because "what's the point? They are going to tear it off within the next two hours anyway?" If I give you a gift, know that a lot of thought went into what you were given. Also know, if it's wrapped, I was grumpy the during the entire process. I am who I am, and I'm not sorry about this. I have been learning to love myself just as I am, and this is part of the package (package, haha!).

I can certainly admire beautiful gift presentation. There are such creative ways to wrap a gift. I consider myself a pretty creative person, so to be honest, it surprises me how much I dislike wrapping gifts.

The gift bag has made my life much easier. Whoever invented the gift bag was a genius in my book. All the paper everywhere...The tape that sticks to everything, including itself!...The scissors catching paper in the wrong spot...And when you are finally done, you are left with all the loose, odd shaped paper pieces that you never know what to do with....like I said before, UGH!

Gift wrapping is a small task that comes up in life. I'm sure some of you light up at the thought of wrapping presents. That's great for you, any chance we could work out an on call system so you can wrap mine?

So you know the goofy job that makes me grumble. What is a small task that you dislike doing but must be done? Let's share and all have a laugh. It's great we are all made so different so the list should have a variety of jobs we wish someone else would take care of for us. Post in the comment section what that UGH job is for you. Thanks!

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  1. I hate packing school lunches. My child is picky, so finding foods that he will eat, and not throw away, is difficult. And some foods seem impossible to pack and stay cold (or hot). I hate wasting food and think a lot of it goes in the trash. But I feel bad not throwing in a fruit or veggie...I mean, what if teachers saw my kid's lunch of "junk food" day after day after day? Hoping that the pickiness will wear off as he gets older.

    1. Packing lunches is one of those tasks for sure. Total Confession Time...my kiddos pack their own lunch. I check to make sure they pack appropriate food, but if they want to pack, it's their job. Slacker Mom alert....no seriously, getting all three of us up and out of the house so early, we have to work as a team to get it done. I already wake up at 5:20 to exercise. Can't imagine waking up earlier.


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