The Lone Sock

No one likes to be nagged. It's true. To be told over and over the same thing, it's annoying and that frustration can build up and lead to an outburst. We don't like it as kids or as grow ups. Being nagged is such a drag.

My kiddos are pretty great. Not perfect but they are pretty respectful, have decent manners and listen fairly well. And at 9 and 11 years old, they are getting better at these things each day.

With all that said, my girlie has a real problem. One I just don't understand. I don't know how one constantly finds themselves in this situation. What could my darling Mini be guilty of on a daily basis? She leaves socks all over the house. I can understand she takes her socks off and walks away (as annoying as it would be to constantly find pairs of socks around the house) but this girl, she leaves a single sock, all over my house. I find one sock everywhere. Just one. And when I say one sock, I don't mean she carries a specific sock with her and leaves it laying around (that would be weird!). No, she will start the day with two socks and at some point she is minus one. Eventually she has bare feet. Do you think those socks will be somewhere together? No.

I can find a sock in the living room. One under the kitchen table. I usually find about 5 or 6 around the floor of her room. There will be socks in her book bag. My favorite is when we were at her last horse show and she took off her barn boots to put on her riding boots. Inside her one barn boot, was two socks. Neither sock was the sock on her foot in the riding boot. Yes, that means that she had a sock on her foot inside a boot with two socks laying in the boot.

Insert Nagging Mom here. So you can imagine why I feel like I'm always nagging. "Pick up your sock". "I saw a sock in the living room". "Go find all your socks and put them in the hamper". No matter how many times I tell this kiddo to put her socks away, she continues to leave a trail of single socks around the house. She doesn't complain when I tell her to pick them up. She just hasn't gotten to the place where she just puts them in the hamper to begin with.

It may sound weird but, I don't really mind the socks. I tell her to pick them up because 1. That's what good mom's do and 2. because one day, it will click and she will begin putting them in the hamper, so she will not be 40 years old leaving her socks all over the house (I hope). The truth is, when I walk into a room and see a sock, I kinda smile. I think, my little girl is growing up so fast. And I know there will be a day when I will miss finding her trail of socks.

You may not have the Trail of Socks at your house but I feel pretty confident that there is something at your house that makes you feel like the Nagging Mom. I don't like the nagging part, I'm sure you don't either. But there is something you have to constantly remind your loved ones to do. I'd love to hear about the one thing you have to "nag" about the most. Please leave a comment below and share the repeat offenses at your house (no names please).

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