Not Now, I'm Busy

I wonder how many times a day, we say or we hear someone say, "I'm so busy". The truth is, we are busy. Always busy it seems. I'm not sure when this constant on-the-go became a cultural lifestyle but I would say that most people would consider themselves chronically busy.

My schedule is not that different from anyone else. Wake up before the sun and exercise. Work all day. Run kiddos around after work. Rush home to finish homework, prepare for the next day, shower and get tucked into bed.

This week is a little overwhelming to me. My daughter's horse lesson was moved from Tuesday to Monday to accommodate my son's Spring Concert on Tuesday night.

Today is Monday, I have to work late then meet my Mom and the kids at the barn (thanks Mom!). Once we make it home, the Mini's and I will be bagging and labeling 120 baked treats for the Student Council Bake Sale.

As I mentioned above, Tuesday we have a concert to go to. Wednesday, we have a family picnic that the Middle School is hosting for the upcoming sixth graders (sniffle, sniffle, he's off to middle school in a few months).

Thankfully, ice hockey is between seasons, I get a little break! These are all good things. And I certainly don't want to miss out on any of these moments. But how did THIS happen? Always running. So often I feel I only go home to sleep at night. I'm not complaining. I'm really not. But I will admit I get very tired. Physically tired. Mentally tired. Tired of running...

Do you feel you are always running? Sometimes you can step back and cut out some responsibility. Other times you can't. Where are you always off to? How do you keep going when the days are long and the time to recharge is minimal?

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  1. Wait until you're pushing 60 and always running! 😀
    How I survive... Prayer, and remembering how blessed I am.


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