Most Embarrassing Moment As A Parent, So Far

Kids, they are so cute. We love them with our whole hearts, more than we can can express. It's such an amazing experience to see the world through a child's eyes. To celebrate their milestones (are you hearing the happy music is the background?)...and then it happens. That moment when your most prized possession does/says something that makes you want to crawl into a hole and disappear. Let me tell you about my most embarrassing Mommy Moment.

My kiddos were in preschool. So we are going back a few years. The fact that I can recall this experience so clearly just reinforces the depth of my mortification. Please note, I am not judging any parent with this post. This was simply something I felt was right for my kiddos at the time.

Here it goes....so when my Mini's were in preschool, it was very common for their classmates to come to school with a Lunchable as their meal. Just in case you don't know, a Lunchable is a packaged meal you buy at the grocery store. Personally, they have always grossed me out. Fake meat, loaded with sugar, etc. I can appreciate the convenience, but they were not for me. Anyway....my kiddos would beg me to buy Lunchables but it was so very rare I ever gave in. So one time, I told my whining offspring that "making your lunch is one way I feel I am showing you I love you". Please understand, lunch was not a three course meal, a typical lunch had a sandwich, yogurt, fruit, occasionally chips, etc. I felt this was a better option for my children to eat for lunch.

So the next day, I go to school to pick my precious little ones up and out it came (cue the record scratch here)....my son announces to all the parents that "there were a lot of parents that didn't love their kids today!" Oh boy...nervous laugh, dart my eyes, let's get outta here!

I honestly did not know if I wanted to laugh or cry. I do believe laughter won. But what a moment. One I will probably never forget. And such a lesson about communication! In no way did I ever intend to send the message to my children that parents who send Lunchables to school don't love their children. But that is what my 4 1/2 year old heard. And so did all the parents that afternoon.

Kids are great. Really they are. They teach us so much. They are a source of stress too but luckily we get the laughs to help soothe those sometimes raw nerves.

What is one of your Embarrassing Parenting Moments? I know you've had them. We all do. Leave a comment below to share your story from in the trenches.

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