Mom's Wise Words for the Mini's

Over the past few years, I've learned a lot about myself as well as life in general. I've been thinking about what "words of wisdom" I would want most to to pass along to my children. Some lessons were easier to learn than others. The following is a list of lessons I came up with.

1. Know what you like. Don't just do what every one else is doing.

2. Learn to compromise. There is an important difference between compromise and giving in.

3. Your thoughts, feelings and ideas matter. They matter because YOU matter. Don't listen to anyone who tries to tell you different.

4. Work hard to reach your goals. Be proud of your efforts but stay humble.

5. While you're working so hard to reach your goals, make sure you have fun along the way. Life is serious enough. Find people and things that make you laugh and enjoy the life you live.

6. Life is hard, know which people are in your corner. I know I'll be there. I also know many others who will be too.

7. Times get tough, but those tough times pass. Take one step then the next, you will get through those tough times.

I'm sure there are many other lessons I could pass along to the Mini's. It's interesting to think we could all write a different list of wisdom to share with others. What words would you share with the people you love? Please leave a comment and share what lessons you would pass along. Have fun with this!

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  1. You forgot to tell them to wear clean underwear in case they are in an accident. 👍😃


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