I Love You Because....

I've mentioned before I am a Pinterest junkie. It's still true. Pinterest is my Go-To for many things, crafts, recipes, hairstyles, design ideas, etc. One of my all time favorite Pinterest crafts was something I made for each of my kiddos. I made them frames that says "I love you because" and every week when they come back to my house, I have something new written there. The picture above is the one I made for my Girl Mini. It's pink and sparkly!

This is the frame I made for my Boy Mini. His is made with the colors of his favorite ice hockey team...the Caps.

I thought this would be fun to do for the kids and I enjoyed making it happen. What surprised me is how much they look forward to reading my message each week. If I forget to write something new, I hear about it. Which is ok by me, it means that what I say matters to them. And sometimes this Mommy just need a reminder.

I saw this on Pinterest as an idea for a couple. It is a neat idea for a couple as well. But I'm so happy I pulled this together for my kiddos.

This was a very simple project. I bought two picture frames and two pieces of scrapbook paper. I cut the paper to the size of the glass. I put the paper behind the glass, closed the frame. I got a sharpie marker to write on the glass "I love you because". Each week, I take a dry erase marker and fill in the blank. Super easy. Super quick. And super special.

I made these frames as a Valentines gifts for my Littles in 2014! It is more than 2 years later and we love this method of communication. I hope that this is making many memories that my kiddos will remember for many years to come. It is difficult to share my kids, week on, week off. But this is one way I've found to bridge being separated. It makes my Mommy Heart happy to know that my little messages mean so much to my children. It's something so small but helps so much.

Who do you think you could make a similar craft for? What a difference you can make in someone's day.

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