How I Feel Connected

I've mentioned before, I am divorced. I've also shared that I have two kiddos. Their dad and I have 50/50 custody. Which means 50% of the time, I'm a typical mom. The other 50% of the time, there is a big whole inside.

I have adjusted to this life of Mom On Duty/Mom Off Duty. And I'm not going to lie, it is nice having a set schedule that I don't have to find childcare to do what I want to do. But that little luxury was definitely not the motive and it comes with a big price.

It is really hard being a way from the kids for a week at a time. Originally, the lawyers suggested this 2 days on, three days off schedule which equaled 7 days out of every 14. Did you follow that? It worked but was kind of crazy to keep track of. The first summer we switched to week on/ week off for childcare. Where would I find someone to watch the kids 2 days on, 3 days off? What we found for all four of us was that week on/week off was much better.

The kids had a good sense of where they were sleeping each night. Which alleviated some anxiety for them. It was just easier for all of us. So we decided as a group that this would be our new schedule.

Our schedules ran smoother but it meant that we now go a week without seeing them. And the biggest help for me is FaceTime. I love Apple products because they allow me to iMessage and FaceTime my kiddos.

Each night before they go to bed at their dad's house, they call me on FaceTime. I hear about their day and I see their faces. It brings me comfort and sometimes it makes me a little sad. But overall, I am so thankful for this technology that allows me to feel connected to my kids while they are at their dad's house.

I have other little routines that we've developed to help feel connected even though we have so much time apart. Last week I shared the "I Love You Because" picture frames. It goes without saying that I love having the kids home. But since they can't always be home with me, I love that I live in a time when I can still feel close to my kids while they are away.

If you have to share your kiddos, what are some of the things you do to stay connected with them?

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