Generic VS Name Brand

Now that I live on a budget, I have to be more selective about what goes in the cart. Sometimes I feel bad because my kids pack their lunch with generic snacks but for the most part, I grab the generic and cross the item off my list. I'd much rather have my money stretch farther than worry about what name is on the package.

BUT, I have learned that not all generics are equal. Or more accurately, I'm not willing to buy the generic of certain things.

For example, ketchup. I don't know why but I will not buy generic ketchup. I'm a Heinz ketchup girl and that's all I will buy. I will buy generic mustard but will not buy the store brand ketchup...gross.

Toilet paper. I'm very picky about my TP. I have found a less expensive option that I am perfectly happy with. But it is not a generic brand.

Mouthwash. Ugh. I've tried generic mouthwash and it was disgusting. You don't even swallow mouthwash but it was so bad I refuse to try it again. Anyone need an almost full bottle of horrible mouthwash? Neither do I.

Liquid dishwasher detergent. For the first 2 plus years in my house, I bought the generic. I missed the days of sparkly dishes but assumed it was because my super noisy dishwasher was inferior to my previous machine. A few months ago, I decided to go for broke and buy good old Cascade liquid dishwasher (the orange is my favorite). I was shocked when I emptied the first load of clean dishes....needless to say, I will be buying Cascade from here on out.

I'm not going to tell anyone that my list of Name Brand Must Haves should match their list. This short list is what I have decided will not be substituted for a less expensive option in my house. In fact, I am very interested to see what items my readers feel are Name Brand All The Way...Please leave a comment below listing a few of your Name Brand Must Haves.

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  1. I am faithful to my brand name laundry detergent/fabric softener...mainly because of the scent. Paper towels too-those generic ones take 3-4 sheets per 1 of my brand. I'm also with you on TP and DW detergent.

    For generics/store brand, I don't mind mayo, butter, milk/dairy, whipped topping, frozen fr fries, ice cream, canned veggies, pasta, cereal, granola bars, baking supplies (ch chips, baking soda, flour, sugar, etc), string cheese, yogurt, frozen veggies.

    One thing I avoid whether brand name or generic is frozen pizza. Never found one that I liked. I'd rather pay $8-12 for a fresh pizzeria pizza any day. I even tried the "take and bake" kind with no success.

    1. I agree about the pizza! There is nothing like the fresh slice. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate that you take the time to post a comment.

  2. For me, it's paper towels - I only buy Viva. Preferably, the select-a-size ones! Oh, and we do enjoy Tombstone frozen pepperoni pizza, but only the original version. It's not as good as Pizzeria pizza, but we still enjoy it and it's convenient.


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