Ok, What Did I Forget?

I imagine we've all had these moments. You wake up and jump into the morning routine. For me it looks something like this...exercise, drink coffee while talking to my man, wake the kiddos up (when it's my week), read the Bible, shower, hair and makeup, pack my lunch then head to work.

My mornings start pretty early. It's the only way to get it all done. I'm always taking a quick peek at the clock to make sure I'm moving at a good pace. The kids pretty much get themselves ready for their day. I just pop my head out of my room and say "how are we doing? Did you brush your teeth? Is your bed made?" The kids and I are a team and we get the job done.

Every morning looks the same. So when I have a morning when I'm ready 10-15 mins early, I begin to feel uneasy. This happened this morning. I keep thinking, what did I forget to do? I have run through my mental list. And I can't think of anything I missed. I have no idea how some days we are running out the door at the last minute and other mornings, I look around and wonder how I got all these extra minutes.

The good news is that so far, I haven't forgotten anything major. I have no explanation for my morning routine at warp speed. When I find myself with these extra moments, I try to grab the kiddos and do something fun. Often it's a quick game of Jenga.

Do you ever have these mornings when nothing is different except the time it takes to get the job done? What do you find yourself doing with your little gift of time?

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  1. I am not a morning person. If I find that I have time, I sit and get on Facebook. Watch the morning news, enjoy being able to not rush around.

  2. It's great when we can appreciate the "little things".


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