My Go-To, What's Yours?

I love to shop. Big things. Small things. Things for me. Things for you. Doesn't matter. But I live on a budget and my excessive shopping days are a behind me (which I'm actually happy about). Real life lesson I've learned...money (and things) don't buy happiness. For me, led to emptiness. That's not my point today.

I still love to shop. Most of the time, I'm very good with my money. I'm a very responsible Budget Follower. But some days, I just have this itch, almost a need to buy something. I have noticed a trend with me.

It would seem that when I have the overwhelming urge to spend money, my Go-To is lipstick. It's little, it's inexpensive. And it makes me feel pretty when I put it on. Win/Win...Win right?

This has led to a ridiculous number of lipsticks in my makeup bag, purse and vanity drawer. It is a little silly but I'm convinced there are worse things to spend my money on. It's cheaper than shoes and less calories than a donut! Again, I feel like I win!

I'm sure there are as many Go-To items as there are people. What is your Go-To?

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  1. Books! My kindle has a whole library of unread books! And bath products, esp bath bombs...I've had to start making them myself to keep up :)

    1. Books are always a great go-to. So is anything that feels like an indulgence. Especially when Mommy Time is so hard to come by!


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