My Dream List

I've been a homeowner since April 2013. When it comes to home maintenance I've had to learn a lot of things, quick. And there are still many projects left for me to get to. Some projects I will complete. Others will more likely stay in the "Someday" column. Below is a short list (in no specific order)of what I hope to as see through to its completion.

1. Refinish the pew for the entryway. This is the first project I am going to tackle and I expect it to be within the next few weeks. I am very excited about this project and cannot wait to show before and after pictures.

2. Repaint the kitchen cabinets. When I bought the house, the kitchen had been completely remodeled, but I've never liked the cabinets. A little paint and a lot of elbow grease should make a significant difference. I'll be honest, this task seems very overwhelming for one person, so I'm not sure when I will get to this.

3. Paint the walls. Color on the walls makes such a difference in a home. I'm not a huge fan of painting and I don't have the money to hire someone. The worst part is, the people who renovated my house, thought it would be a great idea to paint ALL the trim, doors (bedroom, closets and bathroom doors)and ceiling beams a bluish-gray. This means if I paint the walls, I have no choice but to paint every surface of the house....so this task is extremely overwhelming.

4. Fix my bedroom closet. I have two folding closet doors and neither one works. They are both hanging open all the time. It has something to do with the floor being uneven and the tracks not being installed correctly. My house was built in 1946 which means a lot of things are not even. And the people I bought the house from did most of the reno work themselves. I love my home, but I learned quickly that they did not know what they were doing. I've had to take care of many big and small projects in the three years I've lived here.

5. Landscaping. I know nothing about plants or flowers. I'm not home much now but in the future I will be. At some point I want to invest in pretty landscaping as the final touch to my home.

All of these things take time, money and the Know How. I don't really have much of these things which means my timeline may be long. I am going to start with my pew and see what to tackle next.

What projects have you conquered? How did you get motivated to begin?

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  1. I tore down a house, board by board!! Took a lot longer to get to doing it, but the need to have it torn down before building was my motivation. As was, if I don't get started, I will be paying on a new house for the rest of my life. So old is down, new was in plans, but oh how plans have a way of changing!! On hold again, at least for now. Courious to see what God has in store for my future.

    1. I love that you literally tore down your own house! Not many people can say that. I guess if you can do that, I can surely take care of my list. Thanks for sharing!

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