Mom Guilt, It's No Joke

Mommy Guilt...it is REAL. I was home with the Mini's for 9 years. It starts when they are brand new. They are crying and you can't figure out why. They've been fed, diaper has been changed, they've slept, they won't sleep...why won't they stop crying? What am I doing wrong? Guess what Mom??? Babies cry. As long as you aren't neglecting your Bitty Baby, it's okay for your baby to cry. Your baby will be ok. It's not always easy to listen to, but your baby will be ok.

As a Stay At Home Mom, you are with those kiddos all the time. This is a blessing for sure (I realize this now more than ever) but it comes at a price. Patience runs short, you struggle with battles you feel you will never win (insert nap time, laundry, meal prep, etc. here). You lose your temper and Mom Guilt hits full force. Mom, love on your kids, say you're sorry and do something fun with them. The above tasks will get done eventually. Every mom loses their cool, remember, Mrs. Brady was a TV character ( I totally dated myself! But I watched the reruns!) she was not a real mom.

Now that I've joined the force of moms who work and my kiddos are in before and after school care (which my Littles hate), that nasty Mom Guilt presses in again. As we rush out the door and I drop them off, I feel like such a traitor because I know they don't like the program. The reality is they are safe and this meets the need for our family. The bright side is they are 9 and 11 and soon they will be old enough to be home for the two hours until I get home from work.

What I'm beginning to see is that Mom Guilt is for real and I guess as long as we are moms, we will know it well. The trick moms, is to know when to realize it is prompting a change that needs to be made or if it's a burden we can let go of. We all survived our childhoods and our kiddos will too.

Be patient with yourself Mom. You are in good company. We can only try our best each day. Some days we do better than others. When does Mom Guilt make its presence known in your life?

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  1. I have mom guilt too especially when I'm too tired to cook. But, my kiddo is happy with breakfast for dinner. Sometimes, we do the best that we can to keep our heads above water! But, the time that we do spend makes it all the more special. ❤️

    1. You are so right Meredith! Thank you for sharing. I know I've made breakfast for dinner many nights for the same reason 😉

  2. I have been working so much both day and evening. I am missing activities for my kids. My youngest was bummed since I have not been in lately to have lunch. So yesterday I made the time to have lunch with her.

    1. Anonymous, we have all been there and will be there again. I'm really glad you were able to meet her for lunch at school. Sometimes I think we Moms need that middle of the day connection more than the kiddos. Thank you for sharing.


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