Kids and Cell Phones

I know it's coming. My kiddos want a cell phone. I remember when I was a pre-teen, how desperately I wanted a phone in my bedroom. To be able to talk to my friends whenever I wanted. So I understand the want. I just don't know if I'm ready for this.

Things are a little different now. Most people don't have a landline anymore. Everyone has a cell phone. And with cell phones come extra monthly expense (which I'm not ready for) as well as the potential for many problems brought on by technology today (which I'm also not ready for).

My kiddos are 9 and 11 and for the most part, I feel they are just fine for now. I know the day is coming where they will each have a phone, but is that time going to be sooner or can it be later? They each have their own iTouch. Which can do anything an iPhone can do, except make a call. I am one of the few people with a landline, so there goes the excuse of needing a cell phone to call for help in the case of an emergency.

To make sure they aren't using apps with inappropriate content, I feel I've come up with a brilliant plan. When I set up the iTouch for each of them, I created the necessary account for each child but I have never told them their passwords. If they want to buy an app, I have to put in the password which means Mom decides what they can and can't see. This system has worked for the last year and a half.

My son is asking for a phone because all his friends have phones. The "all the other kids" plea is nothing new. But now it's my son asking to keep up with the Jones'. They are in fifth grade, why do they need phones? People rarely talk on phones now anyway. Maybe it doesn't matter why kids have phones, the reality is that they do.

I worry about kids with cell phones because it can lead to many dangers. You see on the news way to often about kids being hurt or worse by someone they met on the Internet. You hear about kids who take pictures and put things in writing that you can never take back. These little handheld computers certainly come in handy but does every child need one right now? Do my kiddos need one already?

I'm looking for any insight from experienced moms on this topic. What age is appropriate to have a cell phone? How do you keep an eye on what your kid is doing with his/her phone?

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  1. My child has a phone but it is only programed with the numbers I wanted them to have. The Internet is blocked and they can only be on certain things. I check through it daily. Ultimately, there is no need for a phone at that age. They hardly use it because we are mostly always together.

    1. This is a good option. Like you, my kiddos are with an adult with a phone or land line. Thank you for sharing!


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