It Happened to Me

When I was younger, my mind was sharp. I was always thinking 3 steps ahead. I was thinking about one thing which led to another, all while talking (to the kids, a friend, on the phone or to the dog or cats) and physically doing something else. I'm sure I was distracted but I was functional in all these areas at once. Should I have focused on one thing at a time and been present in each moment, yes, but that's not what this post is about.

I find more and more that I can no longer juggle so much mental space at once. I find I'm asking people to repeat themselves if I my mind jumped to something other than what we are discussing. I feel like it takes longer for me to absorb what people are saying. Not always, but enough that I notice a difference.

Last week, I had to take my Girlie to the Dr. to have her cast removed from her arm. I had made arrangements with my boss. All was good. We went to the appointment, got our Dr. note to get back to school, I signed her in at school and headed to work. At the office we have a major parking issue. If you aren't there by 7:50 am, you run the risk of no where to park. It was about 9:40 when I got to the parking lot around my building. As expected, there were no empty spots. I thought I saw a spot in a nearby lot, so I started backing up and turning the wheel so I could get pointed in the right direction. That's when it happened...

I turned right into the curb. Actually, I was on the curb. I couldn't believe it. My mind was so consumed with finding a parking spot, I never even looked before I began to turn the wheel! What?! Who does that? I even have a backup camera, which I never glanced at.

I pulled forward and off the curb to find a piece of my rear bumper on the ground. (Insert waves of disbelief and disappointment here) I am a very responsible driver. I love my little car. I've only needed car body work once and that was because I was rear ended, it had nothing to do with me.

I got out of my car and picked up the piece and pushed my bumper back into place. I think it's just a cosmetic boo-boo but I still can't believe I broke my car. I know I'm not the only one to do something dumb like this. Thankfully, it is only a minor mishap. But what a reminder to keep my head in the game.

I had been rushing to take care of my daughter, get her back to school, feeling rushed to get to work (even though I had been told to take care of my kiddo) and worried about finding a place to park my car. And guess what? That spot I thought I saw, wasn't even free.

We all do things like this. We all have times when we are juggling too many things in our mind and we let one of those balls drop. I had a wake up call that morning. When have you realized you needed to take a moment and regroup? What did it take for you to be reminded to be in the present moment?

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