I'm Addicted to Pinterest

Hello, my name is Dawn and I'm addicted to Pinterest. Chances are good, you are too. If I want to know straight up information, I do a Google search. If I want ideas or How To information, I go to Pinterest.

I haven't looked at a cookbook in years. Quick dinner idea? Pinterest. Family gathering? Pinterest. Holiday meal? You guessed it, Pinterest.

Pinterest is also where I go for gift ideas as well as ideas for crafts to make. Have I mentioned I LOVE Pinterest?!?! Below are pictures of a few creative things I've made that were inspired by Pinterest.

I am no artist but I do enjoy making pretty things. I love the idea of dandelion wishes blowing in the wind. Joy in the Journey is a beautiful motto which I remind myself of often. I put the two together and made this little painting on canvas.

I made this 4 canvas display for my daughter. It's purple and gold. The picture doesn't do the color or sparkle justice. Again, I was inspired by something seen on Pinterest. I decided I wanted to add a quote on the blank canvas. So I searched inspirational quotes on Pinterest and found the perfect words to give my Girlie.

I made this as a gift for someone. So simple but I was very happy with the final project.

My Girlie and I made homemade lotion from a recipe I found on Pinterest. We had a great time working together on this. And then we each got a container of our lotion.

And finally, Apple Pie(s).

We went as a family and picked apples. Then we had to something with all those apples, right? So Pinterest came through once again. The five of us worked together to make these yummy pies.

This is just a small selection of my Pinterest inspired creations. And I didn't mention my Pinterest Fails. Yes, they exist. That sounds like another Java Talk post for the future!

Are you a Pinterest addict too? What do you find you most often search for? Share your Pinterest wins with us.

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  1. Yes, I am addicted to Pinterest too! If I am having a bad day, I go on Pinterest just to search pictures of things that make me happy.


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