Change Is In The Air

Change is in the air. I think like most people, my first reaction is not to embrace change. There is comfort in routine. In knowing what is expected of you and how to do those things that are expected.

Why is change often a struggle? The unknown can be a scary landscape. The feelings that come with it can be overwhelming to some. It definitely can be for me at times. If you're ever close by and hear me say "it's going to be ok" or "just breathe", I'm in one of those overwhelming moments and I'm trying to talk myself down. I will be ok, I have learned that I will get through whatever the situation is.

Some change we choose while other change is out of our control. I believe this is another reason change is hard. Most people do not like feeling out of control. When the change is our choice, it feels more like an adventure. When it is not our choice, it can be scary.

Change can be good, great in fact. Leads to new experiences and accomplishments. Without change, not only would life be boring, but people would never strive to be more. When I look back on my little journey, the list of what I have accomplished because I had to is pretty long. And I know for sure I would not be where I am today without those changes being a part of my journey. Today, I have so much more confidence (not arrogance) which I have lacked for most of my life.

What if there was never change? Could you imagine? I guess in a world with no change, we would all be running around like cavemen...pretty sure that I'm glad that change is a part of life.

Change is often uncomfortable but it is necessary. Let's look at it as an opportunity for growth and try to see it as an adventure. Good or bad change, it is a part of our individual journey. How does change make you feel? What helps you through the process?

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