20 Things That Make Me Happy

These are some of the things that make me smile and remember that life is good.

1. Healthy children - who I watch with amazement as they grow into the people they are meant to be.
2. My Fiancé - who loves me and thinks the person I am is pretty great.
3. My parents and sister, my first family -who have been so supportive of me through the years.
4. My job - which challenges me most days and allows me to pay my bills.
5. The sunshine - which feels so good on my skin and can lift my mood.
5. Birds singing - can be very peaceful and relaxing.
6. A roof over my head - when there are so many who have no home.
7. Food - we are blessed to have more than enough food to eat.
8. Listening to the rain while laying in bed - this is another comforting experience that is relaxing to me.
9. Time with friends - feels good to connect with other adults and have fun.
10. Laughing - both when I laugh as well as listening to others laugh makes me feel thankful that we have reasons to laugh.
11. My pets - snuggling with my cats while they purr in happiness is a wonderful feeling.
12. Thoughts of our last vacation - we made such great memories at the beach last year. They've gotten us through nearly a year. We cannot wait to go back in two months and make more memories!
13. Music - is so powerful. The words in a song can express so much.
14. Crafting - I enjoy creating something out of nothing.
15. Cooking a good meal - I find great pleasure in cooking a meal that everyone has enjoyed.
16. Watching my children succeed - at school, at a horse show or on the ice playing hockey.
17. Naps - I don't have the opportunity to nap like I used to but I really appreciate the times that I can sneak one in.
18. Listening to Mike (my fiancé) play his guitar - this is very relaxing to me as well.
19. Family time - my favorite days are the days when our family is all together.
20. Writing Java Talk - sharing my thoughts and experiences is an incredible adventure.

There is so much in each day that make us happy. Some we recognize and others we take for granted. Please take a moment and share what things make you happy.

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