Looking for Advice...When to Tell Her

Easter is fast approaching. This year has been much easier to prepare for because last summer my younger Mini, at age 8 learned the Easter Bunny is not real. Not a real big deal, this revelation is a part of life right? Well she was shocked. She was mad. She turned to me and said, "You lied to me!" I felt like such a traitor and it was awful. I explained the Easter Bunny is fun for children but it is make believe. Now that we made it through the discovery, I'm not going to lie, it was great this year, that I didn't have to make the extra trips to the store to buy treats for the baskets, sans kids.

Fast forward a few months and she asked me if the Tooth Fairy is real. I was not going to lie to her so I explained the Tooth Fairy is also not real. To my relief, she was not too upset over learning this fact. All kids eventually learn these truths. My baby knowing the real story is a sign my kiddos are growing up and that is a little sad. With that said, this Tooth Fairy was relieved that the nights of climbing into bed, beginning to relax and then shooting out of bed because I forgot to leave the money and take the tooth are now behind me.

The only one left is Santa. Any my girl does not want to know about the Man in Red. This past Christmas, I flirted with the truth to test her reactions. She wants nothing to do with the truth. Time and time again, she emphasized her belief. I think deep down, she does know but she wants to believe. So when should I say the words? She will be 10 years old this year. Part of me feels if she wants to believe, let her. But a huge part of me is afraid of her reaction when she accepts the truth. After the anger over the Easter Bunny Betrayal, this Momma is scared. I don't want her to be the last to know. But I also don't want her to give up the last of her innocent childhood beliefs.

When do you think will be the best time to break the news?

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