Change is Hard

My kiddos are growing up. They are currently 9 and 11. As they grow, our family dynamic changes. It's supposed to change. But sometimes, it's very hard. I'm sure on all of us. But this time, it's hard for Mom.

I have my kids every other week. Friday evening until the next Friday morning. The week they are with their Dad, I look forward to my Friday with such eagerness. I've missed them so much it hurts at times. With the technology available today (FaceTime) it helps but it's not the same as being with them every day. So when I get them back, my heart breathes deep and all is well.

Until they get in the car and ask to go play at a friends house. Then I'm crushed. I know without a doubt they have missed me too. I know with certainty that it's normal to want to be with their friends. But I cannot help but feel so disappointed because I end up picking them up and running them to someone else's house.

I want them to have friends and I want them to want to be with me. All of which is normal but it doesn't make it suck any less.

I've considered saying Friday's are our special night. This way they don't ask to go. Which means I don't have to say no and be disappointed or say yes and miss out on the evening I've waited all week for. I worry this is selfish of me.

Change is hard. It is normal. But it isn't a bad thing. I'd love to hear any ideas or suggestions on how to get through this. I know I'm not the only Mom that has this struggle.

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