Sleep Deprivation

We've all suffered at some point from lack of sleep.  There are so many reasons why we may lose out on the appropriate hours in Snoozeville.  First things that come to my mind are...you have a baby (I'm so glad those days are behind me) and stress.  

Last night was a case of stress for me.  At some point I woke up and realized that this week, I have the kiddos.  I have training all week (an hour away from home).  And I am responsible for getting them off to school at about twenty mins after I have to leave for training.   In my defense, I want to state that I knew all these things, I just didn't connect the dots and see the problem until sometime during the night.  Which was a mixed blessing.  On one hand I'm so glad that I realized the situation before Monday morning.  On the other hand, my head was spinning and I couldn't do a thing about it because the rest of the world was asleep.

Knowing I couldn't solve anything during the night, helped me fall asleep repeatedly, it just didn't keep me in LaLa Land.  Of course, the ancient dog peeing in my room didn't help either...

So I made it through the night.  I spoke to some great friends.  So there is a plan now in place to get both Mini's off to the appropriate school building at the right time.  Last night was very frustrating.  And of course, the lack of sleep doesn't help me much today.  But it is all a part of this game we call Life.  

What are some of the things that keep you up at night?  Anything other than babies, stress and old pets?

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