I'm going to have to work HARD for this...

I've been very open and honest with my struggles with depression.  Now I'm going to be open and honest with another very real struggle in my life.  My weight.  I know, this is something most women struggle with, I am no exception.

I'm very frustrated with myself right now.  A year ago, my body was completely different.  Tight, toned and several sizes smaller.  Now I hardly exercise, I enjoy my food too much and the proof is in how I look these days.  I have control over these things and yet, I can't seem to get motivated enough to make the changes I need to make.  I've done this before...I lost 72 lbs and kept it off for 8 yrs!  I can do this.

This time, I have a few obstacles I didn't face the first time I lost the weight.  In our culture today, these are very common.  1.  I work full time.  2.  Some of the medications I take to help with my depression and anxiety are known to cause weight gain.  and 3. I work in a Food Store with access to all foods at all times.

I feel tired and overwhelmed at doing what I KNOW needs to be done.  I feel resentful at having to pass up on some of the yummy treats that I've reintroduced into my "diet".  Whats really annoying is that the few times that I've recently attempted to watch what I eat, I swear I have gained weight.

Okay, that's why I don't want to do what I need to do.  Here's why I need to get my butt in gear and do the work to lose some of this weight I've "found".  1.  My clothes will fit much better.  2.  I'll be active again and will feel so much better (I can remember those days fondly and I want that good feeling back).  3.  I will be much healthier.  And, 4.  I will be setting a better example for my children about exercise and a healthy relationship with food.

So the benefits of doing the work will definitely outweigh the obstacles.  But to get to the place where I'm ready to do what it takes to "get er done"...I'm working on it.  One choice at a time, right?  I'm gonna need all the encouragement I can get with this battle.  Let me know if you are in the same boat, maybe it will help knowing I'm not going through this alone.


  1. Dsen, I am just getting back to wanting to lose some of the weigh I have "found". I bought a second hand treadmill and it is smack dab in the middle of the dining room (I even tripped over it one day, I have the bruises to show for it!) But I have to day most days I have to really push myself to take the time to put in 30 min, but I feel so much better after just a week so I will keep at it an hopefully increase my time and distance and fit back into some of my clothes ( or be able to enjoy a shopping trip for some fun new ones!) You can do this!! We can do this!!! Love ya girl!!

  2. I "found" several pounds through menopause. I'm in the same boat and am trying to fit 45 minutes of exercise in each day, plus working full time. I know I need to get working on this before all the "seasonal" treats come out during the holidays. My goal for the rest of this year is to lose 10 pounds before the holidays and keep it off. I've learned that I have to set small goals for myself and celebrate the little victories on my way to winning the big battle. love to you - seb


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