Table for 1...

Anyone who has lived by themselves can probably relate. Eating alone. On the weeks my kiddos are with their dad, I am alone. I've adjusted pretty well to this time without the kiddos, but I have a terrible habit of eating dinner out. 

The problem is not sitting in a public place by myself while I eat. I've adjusted to that as well. The problem isn't the amount of money I spend because I don't buy food at the grocery store on these weeks. The problem is I don't want to cook for myself. 

So I've committed to making two meals over the weekend. And I plan on getting several lunches and dinner from each. This will help me avoid the "I'm tired and don't want to cook" as well as help me fight my battle against my bulge. 

I know this is not a new strategy, in fact I've given this advice to other singles in my life. Bu it will be new to me and I'm looking forward to a few healthy, home cooked meals. 

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