More Firsts...

It's that time again...Back to School. I can't believe the summer break is over. My kiddos start back to school on Monday.  They are both excited about their teachers for this next year. Here are a few ideas on what back to school means to me...

1.  New clothes
2.  New shoes
3.  New backpack
4.  New pencils and fresh crayons and pencil cases
5.  New binders and folders
6.  New friends and new drama

And this year, a tough new thing. This is the first school year where I am a working mom. I will drop my kiddos off at school in the morning like I always have. But they will be in the after school program this year. I feel very guilty about this. I know this is a normal situation for many families. And I know the guilt is normal too. But that doesn't mean I have to like it. The first week of school the kiddos are with me and its going to be hard for me to be at work no matter how much I enjoy my job. I know the kids will be safe and they will be fine. There will be a time of adjustment for us all. I'm ready for our new normal to set in. 

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