Minutes or Moments

I'm going to make a distinction between living for minutes or for moments. To me, living for the minutes is when the clock runs my life. I've got to be here at 9, there at 10:30, etc. This is where I am comfortable. Planning my day to include everything necessary and maybe a little fun but the big part is then following through and accomplishing these things. 

Living for the moments is a different way to think about the day. It doesn't mean to avoid getting things done. But I see it as more relational. Looking for those interactions from coworkers, family and friends that make the moments of our daily lives special. This one is a little tougher for me to do. I get so caught up in the minutes I sometimes don't recognize the moments. 

My challenge to you as well as myself is to recognize a few moments this week. I'm thinking the effort we make to see the moments the easier it will become. Do you live for the minutes or for the moments?

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