I was looking for a blog idea so I searched "inspirational quotes". My life has been in a pattern of constant change so I clicked on the link for quotes about "change".

Most people don't like change. It's uncomfortable when we don't know what to expect. I suffer from anxiety so in the past, change has been dry difficult for me to deal with. 

Reading quotes about change taught me something about myself. I have trained myself to live in today. Deal with the good and bad of today. Thinking about the future makes me very anxious and so much can change between now and the future that I don't think it's worth thinking about. The great news is my anxiety level is so much more manageable. I work through problems as they arise and don't focus on what I can't fix today. The bad news is that with this way of thinking, I have a hard time setting long term goals for myself. 

My therapist says I'm an "escaper". I don't believe that is what I am doing. Instead I feel I know myself well enough to see the situations that in the past would have caused anxiety. I've learned to evaluate and focus on what I can do something about today. I'm still dealing with it all, only when it is time rather then when there is nothing I can do. And this has helped me discover a happier me. 

    "When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step of the way."
                            --Wayne Dyer

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