What Burdens Your Heart?

As I have been working through my most recent bout of depression, writing my thoughts on Java Talk has been a real gift.  I have felt an outpouring of support and encouragement. And I truly do hope that the thoughts I share are in some way healing words to someone who reads Java Talk. 

I was talking with someone who is not a reader of Java Talk (I like her anyway) and she encouraged me to take my story and help others. I was a bit overwhelmed with the barrage of ideas she spouted off.  She had plans for me to start a Non Profit Organization where I can raise awareness and support for my cause.  She was talking about writing a book and speaking engagements.  While she was busy planning, I was stuck on, "what cause would I want to support"?  

Then it hit me.  Something very dear to my heart. I'm not sure if there are already organizations out there with an emphasis in this area.  Depression...but more specifically, depression in young adults.  It has come to my attention recently that 3 young women in my life, that I've known since they were very young children, have attempted suicide and face deep depression.  It breaks my heart to know that these young woman are suffering their own version of what I fight every day.  

We too often hear about teen suicide. That doesn't just happen.  There is a dark road that leads to that end.  Young people need to know they are loved and they are not alone. And they need to know this so deeply that depression has no ground to stand on.  

I'm going to research what is out there.  I want to give back and if my experiences can help someone, I want to keep sharing.  My question to you is what burdens lay heavy on your heart?  If you could do for others, what group/organization would you invest your time or money into?

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