The Work to Defeat the Hurt

I don't understand why so many people suffer from depression. Statistics say 1 in 10 adults report depression. A person can wrestle with depression for many reasons. Childhood trauma, situational reasons (divorce, death of a family member, etc) and heredity are a few causes of depression. I guess it doesn't matter so much why the statistics are so high, we need to focus on getting our loved ones the help they need. 

The hard part is there is only so much we can do. There is medication and psychotherapy available. In my experience I have benefitted from both. We can offer support to the depressed. These things are important. These are the keys necessary for the depressed to think clear enough and loved enough to be strong enough to do the hard part. 

It's the hard part we cannot do for anyone. Each sufferer has their own journey and I'm going to speak on behalf of everyone and say "it sucks!"  And as much as it hurts to watch, they have to do the work. They have to work through all the negative. They have to fight to get out of bed or even face another day. It has to be their choice. It has to be their choice. No one can make these decisions for them. In fact, the I only things we can do are band aids. 

My point is not to have you give up supporting, loving and encouraging those who suffer from depression. My point is that while medicine, therapy and support are necessary. Ultimately the sufferer must decide to fight back against the darkness. We can be cheerleaders and support this rough journey. But remember who really needs to be ready to face the demons and fight back. 

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