The Next Chapter

I have entered the world of the Working Mom. This is my first time with a "big girl" job. Forty hours a week. Benefits. Paid time off.  A real job. I am a bank teller. And I am loving it. The hours are long some days, but even that doesn't seem to matter.

There is something so powerful about having a destination when I wake up in the morning.  And since my branch doesn't open until 10am, I get to sleep in on the weeks without my kiddos ;). I look forward to dressing nicely. My drive to work is a short one.  The people I work with are great. Really, I already feel like one of the team.  There are regular customers who come in several times a week.  I love that I'm already establishing a personal relationship with some of those already.  It's great to see the same faces and keep up with their lives.  

I could go on and on about the things I like about working, but most of it is confidential and I don't want to lose my job because I shared, haha.  Work has definitely been helpful in m y recovery from my depression.  

The hard part is the guilt I feel that my kiddos are with the sitter while I work on e weeks that they are with me. And like I said, many of my days are very long.  This guilt is nothing new to working moms.  I've often heard of it. Now I am experiencing it.  My saving grace is that the sitter is amazing with my children and they really like her.  Another benefit I've noticed is that I really look forward to coming home and being with the Mini's.  Our time together is much better quality time. A lot less stressful. I'm more relaxed and just enjoy being with my Loves.  This is important to me.  And because I don't feel overwhelmed I feel I'm a much better mommy to my special little people (who are growing up way too fast).  I didn't see this benefit coming when I started working but I feel so blessed that this is so.  

I realize I am pretty new to the working mom world, what are some of the struggles or unexpected surprises you have experienced from balancing both work and home life?  

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