The Art of Ink

As I people watch from my teller window I notice tattoos. Lots and lots of tattoos. The people in this town like to live with color. I like tattoos, not all of them but I do find them interesting. They can be beautiful works of art or a tribute to a loved one or even a pet!  I am definitely a fan of the tribal style tattoo. That is the style of my tattoo. 

Tattoos are funny though. Many people will judge a person for having tattoos. I'm not crazy about a body covered in permanent ink but its not my place to judge. 

Now I work in a conservative environment. I'm not allowed to have any tattoos showing. On one hand I understand this rule. I am the face of the bank. On the other hand, it bothers me that someone else has a say in where I put a tattoo on my body. I guess that's just part of choosing to have a tattoo. 

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