Simple Musings

The bank I work at is located in a food store. There are many good things about working in a bank branch inside a food store. I thought I'd share a few lighthearted observations with my readers. 

1.  The front of the food store is a great place to people watch. 
2.  I rarely so a "real" food shopping trip anymore. I just grab what I need before or after work. 
3.  People expect you to have a photo copier available to the public. 
4.  The number of carts I see each day filled with nothing but junk is a little upsetting. (I love my junk food but a whole cart?  Where's the fresh fruit and vegetables?) 
5.  Finally, a shocking number of people stop at the food store two or three times a day. 

These observations among others make for a very busy and entertaining job. I love what I do, the bank I work for as well as where we are located.  Lucky me :)

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