I Can't Help Myself

Do you have a "thing" you buy even though you don't need?  I do. For me it's lipstick. I have so much lipstick. Different brands. Different shades. Just lots and lots of lipstick. 

Not sure why I'm drawn to lipstick so much. It's something so small. But I will randomly buy lipstick at any given time. My purses all have many different lipsticks floating around. 

Please tell me I'm not alone in these purchases. If you can identify, please share your item of choice below. 

1 comment :

  1. Sorry, I have been following your Java Talk and so many times I wanted to comment because you have touched on so many heart felt topics. So, I will take the low road and comment on the "thing" topic. Since, you are not alone on most of your topics you touch on. My "thing" is lotion. I think because my skin is so dry, I have a fetish with lotion. I must have at least 300 or so lotions. (No I am not a Wack as Aunt Dawn would say. LOL I just have a "thing" for lotions. :) xoxo


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