My Big Adventure!

This year has been a long and hard year, and its not over. I've done a lot of spreading my wings and growing which at times has been very painful for me. But I'm learning a lot about the Me I am and what I want the Me to become.

In February, I decided it was time to get certified to teach Boxing. I love fitness and exercise but my passion is boxing. That may sound strange to you. I never expected that to be something I would say, but it's the truth. Now, I want to teach others about my passion and see how it can change their lives.

My certification classes have been cancelled twice. This was extremely upsetting both times it happened. It very difficult to finally have a dream for yourself and something out of your control gets in the way. But...this is not where my story ends.

I hopped on a train bound for NYC and finally had my day in the "ring". That day was today. It was a very long day. 7 hours of boxing kind of long day. But I love every minute of it. Below are a few pics that chronicle my journey through this process.

There is a pic of me standing in Times Square as I was ready to enter the gym. There is a pic of me all sweaty gross at our halfway done lunch break. Then my husband met me with flowers and a super yummy cupcake to celebrate. Of course, I thought everyone would like to know what that cupcake really looked like. (I only ate half). Finally, a shot of me completely exhausted on the train as we made our way back home. I apologize the pictures are out of order. I have been trying for over an hour to get them organized properly...I can't figure it out. So now you get to play a game...match the picture with the description. Enjoy!

I am so proud of this accomplishment. It was a challenge to get through an I hope I soaked up as much knowledge as possible so I can begin to teach this amazing workout. I have a few gyms that I am hoping to begin working doin the near future. And I will also be able to teach one on one or in small groups which I think will be so much fun.

What an adventure. I am opening doors and am excited to see where they take me. But for now, I think I'm gonna get some sleep.

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  1. Boxing does seem a strange sport for a woman. Aren't you concerned you might get hurt, since women don't have the same muscle protection structure men do? Still, a person should always try to do things they really want to, so they won't live the rest of their lives saying "if only".


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