My River Walk

Exercise. One of the first things the doctor will tell you when it comes to fighting Depression is to get exercise. Well, I exercise. A lot. Not sure of it helped but I'm terrified of what I have been like if I didn't exercise regularly.

In addition to my already vigorous exercise schedule, I have found myself walking by "the river". A lot. Sometimes with a friend. Sometimes by myself. I have a favorite bench for when I need to sit and reflect.

This has become a place for me that I can get away without going anywhere. I can catch my breath and think about everything or nothing at all.

The river is such a great place to be because every time it is a different "river". More boats, less boats. Different people walking, running, riding their bikes or walking their dogs.

It's different, but its the same. No matter how I'm feeling. The faces are becoming familiar and so are the dogs.

It's peaceful. At dusk. Even after dark. I have lived in this area for 12 years and have only realized the treasure I have in this small part of the world. I'm so thankful that I have found a place to come to in my good as well as bad moments. I'm thankful for all the friends who have walked this walk with me over the past several months.

I'm happy to say I believe I am digging my way out of this Depression. That feels very good to say and believe is true. While the frequency of trips to the river may decrease, I will never forget the beauty I have found in this river at one of the most difficult times of my life.

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